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White Wines

[stm_dish dish_name=”Villa Benizi Pinot Grigio Italy (1)” dish_cost=”175ml 5.25 | 250ml 6.25 | Bottle 16.95″ dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Very fresh, dry with ripe fruit flavours[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Senora Rosa Chardonnay (2)” dish_cost=”175ml 5.25 | 250ml 6.25 | Bottle 16.95″ dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Fruity and dry with citrus fruit and some length[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”El Cadejo Sauvignon Blanc (1)” dish_cost=”175ml 5.95 | 250ml 6.95 | Bottle 18.50″ dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Crisp and very fresh with ripe citrussy flavours and a clean finish. Classy Sauvignon [/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Takahé Mountain Sauvignon Blanc (1)” dish_cost=”175ml 6.25 | 250ml 7.25 |Bottle 23.50″ dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Crisp, aromatic, zesty and showing complexity. Classic Kiwi sauvignon[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Picpoul de Pinet Montagnac (1)” dish_cost=”18.95 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Fresh, ripe orchard fruit flavours, easy drinking and approachable.[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Urbina Blanco Rioja (2)” dish_cost=”21.50 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Lovely, fresh, aromatic and dry. Well flavoured – Spain[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Domaine de Peiriere Viognier (1)” dish_cost=”19.50 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Elegant, well made Viognier with Peachy aromas and a dry full flavour. Well balanced – Languedoc France[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Petit Chablis Alain Geoffroy (1)” dish_cost=”24.50 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Dry, crisp, minerally and elegant. Classic – Burgundy France[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Muscadet Grandlieu Sur Lie Domaine Herbauges (1)” dish_cost=”19.50 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Very fresh, tangy and dry. Classic – Loire France[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Sancerre Vignes Blanches H Bourgeois (1)” dish_cost=”29.95 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Very dry, elegant sauvignon with complex mineral character and fruit. Long finish – Loire France[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Pouilly Fumé Les Griottes Bailly (1)” dish_cost=”29.95 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Dry, elegant, complex Sauvignon. Perfect with fish – Loire France[/stm_dish]

Rosé Wines

[stm_dish dish_name=”Le Moulin Cinsault (1)” dish_cost=”5.25 (175ml) | 6.25 (250ml) | 16.95 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Crisp and well made with crunchy red fruit flavours.[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Discovery Beach Zinfandel Rosé (3)” dish_cost=”4.75 (175ml) | £5.75 (250ml) | £16.50 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Ripe, medium very fruity easy drinking wine – USA[/stm_dish]

Red Wines

[stm_dish dish_name=”Le Moulin France (A)” dish_cost=”5.25 (175ml) | 6.25 (250ml) | 16.95 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Ripe juicy wine with plenty of soft plum fruit. Well balanced and quaffable[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Millstream Shiraz (B)” dish_cost=”5.95 (175ml) | 6.95 (250ml) | 18.50 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Spicy, smooth well flavoured wine with a hint of shiraz complexity – South East Australia[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Vin de Pays Vaucluse Fontvive (C)” dish_cost=”6.25 (175ml) | 7.25 (250ml) | 21.95 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Super smooth with ripe expressive fruit. Soft dry finish. Classic modern Rhone – Boissan Rhone France    [/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Terra Firma Nero D’Avola (C)” dish_cost=”18.50 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Smooth, fruity, ripe and well flavoured – Sicily Italy[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”El Tesoro Malbec (B)” dish_cost=”19.50 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Smooth and well flavoured, great structure and fruit – Argentina
Perfect with  beef.[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Carrizal Crianza Rioja (C)” dish_cost=”21.50 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Super-smooth, dry,  elegant and rich – Spain[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Lutzville Pinotage Reserve (C)” dish_cost=”22.50 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Smooth, Full flavoured wine with complex ripe fruit and a dry finish – South Africa[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Monastier Cabernet Sauvignon (C)” dish_cost=”21.95 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Ripe, full bodied fruity-almost New World-style. Rich and soft on the finish. A full bodied wine to go with food.[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Pinot Noir Clark Estate (B)” dish_cost=”25.95 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Lovely elegant medium bodied Pinot Noir; dry, savoury and delicious – New Zealand[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Fleurie Jacques Depagnieux (B)” dish_cost=”27.95 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Ripe, fruity yet with some depth. Long and smooth on the finish[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Château Bonneau (C)” dish_cost=”29.95 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Lovely fruit expression with hints of cedar and leather. Long, complex and very good – Montagne St Emilion Bordeaux [/stm_dish]

Sparkling Wine & Champagne

[stm_dish dish_name=”Prosecco Spumante (2)” dish_cost=”5.75 (125ml) | 23.50 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Appley, fresh, well made and very quaffable – Italy[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Champagne Blanche Lapage” dish_cost=”44.95 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Delicious, creamy, crisp, classic fizz from Mme Dubois[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Laurent Perrier Brut Champagne (1)” dish_cost=”69.95 (Bottle)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Classic champagne from this excellent producer – France[/stm_dish]

Dessert Wine

[stm_dish dish_name=”Vistamar Muscat Limari (4)” dish_cost=”4.75 (125ml)” dish_cost_currency=”custom”]Lovely, ripe luscious dessert style wine. Perfect with fruit desserts – Chile[/stm_dish]

Champagne, White Wine and Rosé Wines are Designated 1 – 9 with 1 being the driest and 9 the sweetest

Red Wines are designated A – E with A being the lightest and softest and E being the deepest and fullest

* Many of our wines are sourced from small suppliers/vineyards, for this reason it be necessary to offer an alternative.

Wine menu is correct as of 03 October 2017 and may change without notice