White Wines

Villa Benizi Pinot Grigio Italy (1)175ml 5.25 | 250ml 6.25 | Bottle 16.95

Very fresh, dry with ripe fruit flavours

Senora Rosa Chardonnay (2)175ml 5.25 | 250ml 6.25 | Bottle 16.95

Fruity and dry with citrus fruit and some length

El Cadejo Sauvignon Blanc (1)175ml 5.95 | 250ml 6.95 | Bottle 18.50

Crisp and very fresh with ripe citrussy flavours and a clean finish. Classy Sauvignon

Takahé Mountain Sauvignon Blanc (1)175ml 6.25 | 250ml 7.25 |Bottle 23.50

Crisp, aromatic, zesty and showing complexity. Classic Kiwi sauvignon

Picpoul de Pinet Montagnac (1)18.95 (Bottle)

Fresh, ripe orchard fruit flavours, easy drinking and approachable.

Urbina Blanco Rioja (2)21.50 (Bottle)

Lovely, fresh, aromatic and dry. Well flavoured – Spain

Domaine de Peiriere Viognier (1)19.50 (Bottle)

Elegant, well made Viognier with Peachy aromas and a dry full flavour. Well balanced – Languedoc France

Petit Chablis Alain Geoffroy (1)24.50 (Bottle)

Dry, crisp, minerally and elegant. Classic – Burgundy France

Muscadet Grandlieu Sur Lie Domaine Herbauges (1)19.50 (Bottle)

Very fresh, tangy and dry. Classic – Loire France

Sancerre Vignes Blanches H Bourgeois (1)29.95 (Bottle)

Very dry, elegant sauvignon with complex mineral character and fruit. Long finish – Loire France

Pouilly Fumé Les Griottes Bailly (1)29.95 (Bottle)

Dry, elegant, complex Sauvignon. Perfect with fish – Loire France

Rosé Wines

Le Moulin Cinsault (1)5.25 (175ml) | 6.25 (250ml) | 16.95 (Bottle)

Crisp and well made with crunchy red fruit flavours.

Discovery Beach Zinfandel Rosé (3)4.75 (175ml) | £5.75 (250ml) | £16.50 (Bottle)

Ripe, medium very fruity easy drinking wine – USA

Red Wines

Le Moulin France (A)5.25 (175ml) | 6.25 (250ml) | 16.95 (Bottle)

Ripe juicy wine with plenty of soft plum fruit. Well balanced and quaffable

Millstream Shiraz (B)5.95 (175ml) | 6.95 (250ml) | 18.50 (Bottle)

Spicy, smooth well flavoured wine with a hint of shiraz complexity – South East Australia

Vin de Pays Vaucluse Fontvive (C)6.25 (175ml) | 7.25 (250ml) | 21.95 (Bottle)

Super smooth with ripe expressive fruit. Soft dry finish. Classic modern Rhone – Boissan Rhone France    

Terra Firma Nero D’Avola (C)18.50 (Bottle)

Smooth, fruity, ripe and well flavoured – Sicily Italy

El Tesoro Malbec (B)19.50 (Bottle)

Smooth and well flavoured, great structure and fruit – Argentina
Perfect with  beef.

Carrizal Crianza Rioja (C)21.50 (Bottle)

Super-smooth, dry,  elegant and rich – Spain

Lutzville Pinotage Reserve (C)22.50 (Bottle)

Smooth, Full flavoured wine with complex ripe fruit and a dry finish – South Africa

Monastier Cabernet Sauvignon (C)21.95 (Bottle)

Ripe, full bodied fruity-almost New World-style. Rich and soft on the finish. A full bodied wine to go with food.

Pinot Noir Clark Estate (B)25.95 (Bottle)

Lovely elegant medium bodied Pinot Noir; dry, savoury and delicious – New Zealand

Fleurie Jacques Depagnieux (B)27.95 (Bottle)

Ripe, fruity yet with some depth. Long and smooth on the finish

Château Bonneau (C)29.95 (Bottle)

Lovely fruit expression with hints of cedar and leather. Long, complex and very good – Montagne St Emilion Bordeaux 

Sparkling Wine & Champagne

Prosecco Spumante (2)5.75 (125ml) | 23.50 (Bottle)

Appley, fresh, well made and very quaffable – Italy

Champagne Blanche Lapage44.95 (Bottle)

Delicious, creamy, crisp, classic fizz from Mme Dubois

Laurent Perrier Brut Champagne (1)69.95 (Bottle)

Classic champagne from this excellent producer – France

Dessert Wine

Vistamar Muscat Limari (4)4.75 (125ml)

Lovely, ripe luscious dessert style wine. Perfect with fruit desserts – Chile

Champagne, White Wine and Rosé Wines are Designated 1 – 9 with 1 being the driest and 9 the sweetest

Red Wines are designated A – E with A being the lightest and softest and E being the deepest and fullest

* Many of our wines are sourced from small suppliers/vineyards, for this reason it be necessary to offer an alternative.

Wine menu is correct as of 03 October 2017 and may change without notice