White Wines

Maitre D Blanc Sec3.95 (175ml) | 4.95 (250ml) | 14.50 (Bottle)

Dry – Vin de France, clean and fresh with an irresistible floral style (1)

Maitre D Blanc Demi Sec3.95 (175ml) | 4.95 (250ml) | 14.50 (Bottle)

Medium Dry White – Vin de France, an aromatic, flowery bouquet (3)

Sentina Pinot Grigio4.25 (175ml) | 5.25 (250ml) | 15.50 (Bottle)

Italy – Flowery aroma, dry and crisp with good fruit (2)

Vistamar Moscato Chile3.95 (175ml) | 4.95 (250ml) | 14.50 (Bottle)

Medium Sweet Wine, Grapey with Soft Ripe Fruit (4)

El Cadejo Sauvignon Blanc Chile4.25 (175ml) | 5.25 (250ml) | 15.50 (Bottle)

Light and very fresh with grassy Sauvignon character and plenty of ripe fruit crisp and clean on finish (2)

Urbina Viura Rioja Spain18.95 (Bottle)

Steely with fresh citrus and melon notes over laying ripe fruit and a long dry finish (1)

False Bay Chenin Blanc16.95 (Bottle)

South Africa – Deep rich, ripe fruit and yeasty character with clean acidity (2)

Chablis – Geoffroy - Burgundy22.50 (Bottle)

France, a crisp steely dry Chablis with nicely balanced fruit and racy acidity (1)

Muscadet de Sevre et Maine15.95 (Bottle)

France – Bone dry with fresh grapefruit and apple notes perfect for seafood (1)

Montagnac Sauvignon Blanc France17.75 (Bottle)

Very Elegant, Fresh, medium weight wine with grassy. Lemony fruit & a crisp Finish (2)

Sancerre Vigne Blanche Henri Bourgeois Loire29.00 (Bottle)

This is the essence of Sancerre, elegant, complex and full flavoured with plenty of character, steely fruit and a long dry finish a truly excellent wine (1)

Le Vieux Quartier Bourgogne Blanc26.50 (Bottle)

Burgundy France – Lean and bright on nose and mid palate with a rounded buttery middle (1)

Maitre D Blanc SecPouilly Fumé, Les Griottes - Loire29.95 (Bottle)

France Steely fruity style, elegant and fresh, complex, full bodied and dry (1)

Meursault Les Meurgers Domaine Mazilly48.00 (Bottle)

Tight, well-structured wine with Rich complex fruit character overlays a layer of clean oak which follows through to a long dry finish. This elegant well structured wine is a classic example of its kind and will not disappoint (1)

Rosé Wines

Millberg Cellars Pinotage Rosé4.25 (175ml) | 5.25 (250ml) | 15.50 (Bottle)

South Africa – Dry with ripe raspberry fruit, very quaffable (1)

Discovery Beach Zinfandel Rosé3.95 (175ml) | £4.95 (250ml) | £14.50 (Bottle)

California – A Well flavoured, strawberries and cream, fun and easy to drink (3)

Red Wines

Pacific Heights3.95 (175ml) | 4.95 (250ml) | 14.50 (Bottle)

California – Rich with flavours of blackberries and plums and chocolate and smoke aromas (C)

Poetas Merlot4.25 (175ml) | 5.25 (250ml) | 15.50 (Bottle)

Chile – Smooth rounded style with soft merlot fruit and soft finish (C)

Alain Mecon Shiraz3.95 (175ml) | 4.95 (250ml) | 14.50 (Bottle)

France – Juicy, Fruity, easy drinking wine with a hint of spice and a soft finish (C)

Frappato, Cantina Paolini17.25 (Bottle)

Sicily – Ripe and juicy with chunky Cherry Fruit on nose and palate (D)

Carrizal Crianza Rioja18.95 (Bottle)

Dry with complex herbal flavours and some length on the finish, this traditional style Rioja has some weight but its savoury style makes it a great accompaniment to Lamb dishes (D)

Casa Silva Cabernet Carmenere21.75 (Bottle)

Colchagua, Chile – Ripe and Fine Cabernet fruit with rustic Carmenere weight (C)

Simonsvlei Premier Pinotage19.75 (Bottle)

South Africa, Good fruit levels with a clean soft finish and some body and balance (D)

Vistamar Cabernet Sauvignon Chile19.95 (Bottle)

Ripe, well-flavoured with plenty of fruit and some cassis flavours, soft on the finish. (C)

Mission Estates Awatere Pinot Noir23.50 (Bottle)

Marlborough New Zealand – Lovely complex crunchy Burgundian – style fruit. Very high quality (B)

Fleurie Comte de Bernadotte Beaujolais27.50 (Bottle)

Medium weight with a charming floral aroma and some juicy mid-palate fruit taste, This has depth on the finish which is dry and long, an elegant and well made Fleurie (B)

Chateau Argadens36.00 (Bottle)

Bordeaux, France- A fragrant earthy Claret nose leads to a fine and generous Bordeaux fruit palate (D)

Sparkling Wine & Champagne

Prosecco4.25 (125ml) | 20.50 (Bottle)

Pavone Italy – Appley, fresh, easy drinking Fizz from Northern Italy. Light, Bright and bubbly with hints of apple and pear from Northern Italy and very quaffable (2)

Ponsard Brut Champagne5.95 (125ml) | 32.00 (Bottle)

Light Elegant with Soft, Full Flavours and Consistent Mousse, Good Balance and Age (1)

Prosecco49.00 (Bottle)

Laurent Perrier Champagne – Light and Elegant, Fresh Bread Undertones and Taut Apple and Citrus Fruit, Great Complexity and Absolute Purity (1)

Dessert Wines (Half Bottle)

Vistamar Moscatel Limari4.50 (125ml) | 12.95 (Bottle)

Chile – This has Muscat character in abundance clean, grapey and sweet. A perfect marriage with sweet desserts and a must have with our cheese board (5)

De Bortoli VAT 55.25 (125ml) | 14.95 (Bottle)

Botrytis Semillon, Australia – Heady Apricot and Orange Peel Flavours with Subtle Hints of Almond and Honey (8)

Champagne, White Wine and Rosé Wines are Designated 1 – 9 with 1 being the driest and 9 the sweetest

Red Wines are designated A – E with A being the lightest and softest and E being the deepest and fullest

* Many of our wines are sourced from small suppliers/vineyards, for this reason it be necessary to offer an alternative.